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Home - Andrew Wommack Ministries


David Yonggi Cho
josef prince Vimeo
Joseph Prince Ministries Resources This Week's Broadcast
Joseph Prince Ministries
joseph prince
Sheldon Community Church
TCF SpainTorrevieja Christian Fellowship
Welcome to Full Gospel Television

Joseph Prince

Links for United Kingdom


10 day Weather in Birmingham -
BlueSky Business Aviation News - - Live Flight Tracker!
FLYER Air Portal - Home of the UK's favourite general aviation magazine
LinkedIn d&sm -91b9
Met Office Wx airtaxis -a1
PPRuNe sm -a1
SkyDemon Light
Wellesbourne Weather Live
YouTube - AOC software system


BBC - Radio 1 - Help - Frequently Asked Questions
CD Baby gd -91b
Crash.Wav & .MP3 Sounds


CD Baby grimmdoo -91
EarthRise blog d@sm -a00
iTunes d@sm -91b9
Princeton Community Television on Vimeo
Rock Legacy
SongCast - My Account
Tradebit earthrise -91b
Wrinkled Weasel's World

elo network
Free Download Reason 5 Plus a Reason 5 Review
Garage Studio Blog
Getting The Most From Your Pro Tools System
IK Multimedia zn102 -gd
ppl 9!b...
Pro Tools Home Studio Corner
Radio To Go
Sound On Sound d@sm -j
TAXI Hosting d@sm -91b
we7 - Ian Campbell Folk Group - Private Harold Harris - Listen Free


alaska by welshmanshill
catch the train
endorphic state of mind
nobody came( again)
post modernist bluesman
PostModernistBluesMan production
when it rains

Wishful Thinking - 70's Group Website
YouTube - ELO - Calling America - ELO
YouTube - Juan Lozano and The Graceland Band


blogger m@sm -J91 zn102 -9b
E-junkie d@sm -91b


ADO Recordset Object Topic Index
CSS Reference - Alphabetically
Data Access from Excel VBA
How To Use ADO with Excel Data from Visual Basic or VBA
Inserting Data Into MySQL From Excel Using VBA - HTNet
MySQL MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual 11.13 Information Functions
MySQL Useful Functions
Pearson Software Consulting
PHP-MySQL Tutorial - Part 2
Ron's Excel Tips
SQL in Excel
SQL Tutorial
SQL Tutorial2

FoxyUtils - Merge PDF Files Online
Historical currency converter web service
informit SQL Server Reference Guide SQL Server and Microsoft Excel Integration


Eric Laithwaite - gyroscopic gravity - YouTube
Eric Laithwaite's lecture on gyroscopes part 6-7 - YouTube
Eric Laithwaite's lecture part 3 - YouTube
Eric Laithwaite's lecture part 5 - YouTube - My Account d@sm -91b
MySQL Web Hosting Plan
phpacademy's Channel - YouTube
Short Run digital book printing for self publishing authors
ukHost4u cPanel - lifeware -91b


Across the Divide
Dave and Mandy
Invited Guests 2012
Lifeware Publishing
Normal Day
Rhythm and Joy


Adobe PDF davem@sm -91b9 Faults gd -91b
favicon.ico d@sm -91b9
InkXpress d@sm -91b NEXT2
Lexmark Printhead Errors on the S and Pro Series Products
Plusnet Force9 sm -a1
Printer Cartridges d@sm -91b
Sky Broadband Router admin -s
Thomson Gateway - Home
Video Streaming with VLC Player
Virgin Media eBilling -5061
Virgin SuperHub admin -91b9
YouTube - Black screen, Hp Pavilion dv1000 back light LCD inverter change

UK Links

BBC iPlayer - Home
BBC News - Home
Channel 4 - 4oD International - Special Coverage on
Crime maps for Longbridge
Directgov - the nation's official website
DVLA's Vehicle online service. Welcome
Gmail - Inbox (33) -
ITV Player
Monarch d@sm -91b
NHS Choices - for health and social care
Train Timetables


123-reg Control Panel -j1
Abbey -a99
Gmail - Inbox (1) -
Halifax sm91 -91b coco1
HSBC Bank j91 -9b9
Lloyds TSB - Logon
mandy@sm - 91b
My eBay -j1
NatWest - Logon
PayPal -j1
Sky - Sign in d.s-m -j1
Soho66 - MySoho m@lw -j91
Virgin Media d@sm -j91
Vodafone m@sm -a1 3835-0000-842
Webfusion PIP804778 -A1
YouTube - zn102 (a00) 91b

The Buddy Holly Story - Maybe Baby - Peggy Sue Got Married - Part 2

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Sky - Sign in d.s-m -j91
email= userName= david.scott-morgan Account Number
TSB - Internet Banking
188484924 -j -1aa
NatWest - Logon
Lloyds Bank (j-tree) -91b
678154IL -91b co1
Halifax sm91 -91b coco1
PayPal -J91
eBay  d@sm -cz8
123-reg sm1 -J9!
Facebook dsm -cz8
YouTube zn102 -91b (a00)
Apple --Gr1m
Gr1md00s for the Apple Ass
LinkedIn -J91
Google -a00
Twitter zn -91b
@zn102 -91b @_morganisation -
Three - 91b
My eBay d@sm -91b
d@sm -cz8
Vodafone m@sm -a1 5216-0000-009
mandy@sm - 91b
Gmail - Inbox (1) - 52711684 -91b


Abbey Scottd01 -a99
Tesco Credit Card d@sm -91b m@sm -J91
Barclays Lifeware s-m -0009
BarclayCard L2 -J91 -11
HSBC Bank j91 -9b9
Soho66 - MySoho m@lw -j91


Wordpress - wp2016 (bubbles)
Bubbles site using MMM theme zn102 -91b
Dave Scott-Morgan ‹ Log In
WordPress - Wall2Wall (jtree) z-9b
zn102 -91b
WordPress new(wp-zn102) -91b
zn102 -91b
Wordpress - Multisite
zn102 -91b d@sm
Easy Digital Downloads
Wix Website Editor m@sm -J91
Wix Morganisation
Wix - My Account d@sm -9b
WordPress Support › zn102 -91b - My Account d@sm -91b
Sonicbids Associates d@sm -9b Kindle d@sm -91b
Amazon Advantage d@sm -a00
blogger scottmorgan d@sm? zn102 -a00
EarthRise blog d@sm -a00
Lifeware blogger site


Excel Forum zn102 -91b
Pearson Software Consulting
SQL in Excel
SQL Tutorial
SQL Tutorial2
MySQL MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual 11.13 Information Functions
MySQL Useful Functions
PHP-MySQL Tutorial - Part 2 Topic Index
Ron's Excel Tips
TABLEIZER! -- Spreadsheets to HTML Tables Tool
VBA Express Forum sm -91b


phpMyAdmin wordpress zn102 -91b
c# create a popup like outlook
CSS Reference - Alphabetically
Evaluate text color against background colors for hexadecimal values
Techno > Square fonts |
phpacademy's Channel - YouTube
informit SQL Server Reference Guide SQL Server and Microsoft Excel Integration
FoxyUtils - Merge PDF Files Online


Kindle Formatting - Supplemental Book Files zn102 -9b
Online ebook creator
calibre - About


ReverbNation d@sm-91b
Music Glue User App
d@sm -91b
Music Gateway - Bubbles
MyBMG dm -91b
David Morgan -91b
CD Baby Artist Login gd -J91
NumberOne d@sm -w
SoundCloud - Dave Scott-Morgan d@sm -91b
SoundCloud - wall2wall2013 w2w@sm -91b
Spotify dsm -91b
IMDb d@sm -cz88
Bandcamp - davescottmorgan -91b
BBC - Introducing d@sm -cz88
Myspace d@sm-91b
ppl d@sm -9!b...
PRS d@sm -9!b
iTunes d@sm -91b9
iTunes Music Aggregators


elo network
Wishful Thinking - 70's Group Website
we7 - Ian Campbell Folk Group - Private Harold Harris - Listen Free
YouTube - ELO - Calling America - ELO
The Beatles - Help! - YouTube
Former member of ELO killed by hay bale while driving - Telegraph
Jeff Lynne Photos - Zimbio
Brimingham Promotions
Birmingham Music Heritage


The Oldie Magazine
4shared - d@sm -91b
VersusMedia: Film Music Agent: Login
Radio Airplay d@sm -91b
UK radio stations
MusicSUBMIT zn102 -91b


Dashboard - YouTube
Grimm Doo -cz88 Morganisation -cz88
MOrganisation - YouTube free vids
Stock Footage & Video Effects
Free stock videos – Pexels Videos
TunesToTube - Upload Files - Logged in as Dave Scott-Morgan (UCm1iafH9Z4-GdHbcjdfipEg)
YouTube to MP3 Converter
YouTube Channel
The Ugly's - Wake up my mind - YouTube
Concert-Interview.wmv - YouTube
Video Editing in Blender
BS.Player - the world's most popular media player with 70 million users worldwide -
The fastest free YouTube Downloader
Vimeo -91b9

korean music

Ancient Korean Traditional Music - Hwang Byeonggi - Kayagum Sanjo Variation (Filmed in 1966) - YouTube
Spring Snow-Traditional Korean Zither Music - YouTube


How to Stream using VLC Internet Streaming Server (Windows) PART ONE - YouTube
Screenr - Screencasts by davescottmorgan
Your Place to Shine zn102 -w
The DV Show zn102 -9b
USTREAM - Dashboard zn102 -w
Screencasts - screen capture d@sm -91b
Livestream - zn102 -w

Favorite vids

Abba - The Day Before You Came - YouTube
Even The Lone Star State Gets Lonesome — Local Hero - YouTube
▶ The making of Free As A Bird - YouTube
▶ Taylor Swift - Blank Space - YouTube
Currant Bun - YouTube
I Walk The Line - Alan Smith
Paul McCartney - Live on Hollywood Boulevard - 23 September 2013 - YouTube
Florence + The Machine - You've Got the Love - YouTube
Jeff Lynne Interviewed at ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO - YouTube
Jeff Lynne (ELO) interview - YouTube
The Move - Color Me Pop - Part 3 - YouTube
We Are Sinking (German Coast Guard) (Berlitz Ad) - YouTube
Exorcist Dirt Devil on How to Make Money with Music - YouTube
Fill the Earth - YouTube


General Aviation zn102 -J!
Wellesbourne Airfield UK


How to Startup a King Air. & a Takeoff & Landing - YouTube
A Pilot’s View: Queenstown, New Zealand

SkyDemon Light
Local Weather | Local Weather
LinkedIn d&sm -91b9
PPRuNe sm -a1 - Aviation Photo Gallery
Pratt and Whitney PT6 turboshaft cutaway
drstevelim d@sm -91b
Beechcraft: Comparison Tools
MGA software


Luis Miguel Alcala
Fred Farley - television pioneer
Slowley Hall Project management
Styles Fabrications
The monastery of Saint Barnabas the Encourager
angelika postler
Holy Cross Pentecostal Church
Taylor Cleaning Services

Bookings d@sm -a00


Webfusion PIP804778 -A1
Esure d@sm -J9!
Printer Cartridges d@sm -91b
Adobe PDF davem@sm -91b9
Sky Broadband Router admin -sky
Plusnet Force9 sm -a1
npower d@sm/91@sm -91b
The Cheap Energy Club -a00
Support | HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist
Flamboyant Aftershave Balm -
WorldPay gd -a00
Sending big files the easy way - WeTransfer
Trevor: ClubCosta Owner Points -485096
Nominet UK d@sm + -a00
ESET Free Online Scanner : Malware Detection


Jeremiah Tree
Western Union d@sm -J91
Joseph Prince Ministries
Open Door |
The Charmouth Christian Fellowship - Contact us
Who's In Charge? Pt 1 - Robert Morris
Dr Peter Gammons - PGMI - Peter
David Yonggi Cho
Behold the Bridegroom Cometh-Julie Meyer - YouTube
Dreams and Supernatural Encounters by Julie Meyer
iTBN - Oct 31


Longbridge to Birmingham - Accessible UK Train Timetables
OCEANA - Vessel Finder - Free AIS Ship Tracking of Marine Traffic
Western Mediterranean - E218 West Mediterranean P&O Cruises
Monarch d@sm -91b 08710 405040 d@sm -J91
Migration Expert United States Visitor Visa Assessment
Ryanair Customer Service & Phone Numbers


English language television on the Costa Blanca
Tortsen Nenzen-
TCF SpainTorrevieja Christian Fellowship


MOrganisation - YouTube
Dave Scott Morgan (Nicholas Hunt)
old Dave Scott-Morgan site on 123mga
Dave and Mandy Music and Ministry
Bubbles WP
Common Man 2015
Rhythm and Joy
Spaceship Earth Video
I Will Rise and Stand
Lifeware Publishing
Music 2013
Bodenham Boudoir
Girl in a Jaguar
Second Site
Wrinkled Weasel's World
a piano for you -


BBC News - Home
BBC iPlayer - Home
Welcome to Jammin' Johns | Music To Your Rear!
Demand 5 | Channel 5
Channel 4 - 4oD d@sm -91b
International Parcel Delivery - iPostParcels
38 North: Informed Analysis of North Korea
Aaron Roach | Website Design, Marketing and IT Agency in Staffordshire
Directgov - the nation's official website


Special Operations Executive
i360 - Virtual Interactive Photography
Tails Through Time: Violet Club: Quite Possibly the Worst Nuclear Bomb Ever Fielded
655 Maintenance & Preservation Society - The Avro Vulcan Bombers' in RAF Service
Spitfire Documentary 1976 - YouTube
Austin Aircraft Production

Rock Legacy
Princeton Community Television on Vimeo
The Placing of Rapture
WeSendit - is a free service to send big or small files.
How to Send Bulk Personalised Emails in Outlook |
Worldwide Parcel Services Ltd | Courier Services and Parcel Delivery
Price Finder | Royal Mail Ltd
npower -91 Account summary -91b
The Cheap Energy Club -a00
Yardley Speakers Club
Click2Sell zn102 -91b
Gumtree d@sm -91b
The Freecycle Network
Place a free ad - Musicians Wanted Ads at Join My Band


MailChimp -z9b
zn102 -91b d@mgn -J9! Flipp Ineck flip@sm -Admin00! -J9!
Sonic Bids for MOrganisation
Log in as Mandy on FB first!
Ticket Tailor d@sm -91b
Watch Live - Big Centre TV
Stripe Dashboard
Cofton Hackett Village Hall
Tiddington Home Guard Club and Community Hall
Music & Entertainment - Fiddle and Bone
Brian Yeates Entertainment


International Christian Songwriter & Artist, Lenny LeBlanc
Savvy Musician Academy
Leah McHenry
Facebook Page Merge -cz8
mailchimp zn102 -91b
Aweber zn102 -cz88
Music Marketing Manifesto Members Log In
Pixlr Editor
Free Online Photo Editor | Color Changer
Ask WP Dev Shed zn102 -91b


LANDR d@sm -cz88
d@sm -cz88
Open Broadcaster Software - Help Files d@sm -91b
Korg Triton LE Video Manual - English - YouTube
Avid Pro Tools d@sm -91b
Dropbox d@sm -w
Close To The Edge
Avid Pro Audio Community zn102 -91b
Remix: Beats, Loops, and Kicks - YouTube
Crash.Wav & .MP3 Sounds sm -91b
Structure FREE Patches Audio Demos by protoolsexpert on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
MELODYNE | How To Use In Pro Tools
Analog Tape Restoration
Sound On Sound d@sm -j
AllMusic iTunes manage
IK Multimedia zn102 -gd
u-he plug-ins
AGR CD Manufacturing.

Dave Scott-Morgan -cz8 -J91
Request to merge duplicate Pages
I'm From Denver - This video was taken in southern Colorado. What...
Dave Scott-Morgan

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