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James Wilby  April 2014
Long night drive, made more enjoyable listening to Dave

Liz, Spain, Sep 2013

Which track can I not like? None! – ‘Shanty Town Blues’ the music reminds me of a track from Jimi Hendrix especially the beginning! Great opening track of ‘Benediction’, I absolutely love the brass sounds in various tracks; along with Dave’s innovative lyrics with clarity of singing too! The drumming in ‘Ball and Chain’ I especially like. And how can we do without Mandy's tambourine-ing? Great stuff!!

David, Cambridge. May 2013
I love the CD... just my kind of music with so many nods at the style of other bits and pieces within my collection. The guitar riff at the start of ‘Shanty Town Blues’ took me straight to ‘Bird of Paradise’ by Snowy White, and ‘Girl in a Jaguar’ surely has the flavour of the Beatles? Perhaps ‘Samson and Delilah’ has a touch of Bob Dylan or even Johnny Cash but other tracks prompted less specific parallels... I was set to thinking of early Pink Floyd (well I would be, they are also from Cambridge!) plus Moody Blues, Jackson Browne, Bruce Cockburn, Mark Knopfler, Harry Nillson and (of course) ELO. So a big thankyou!

Guido Beijderwellen (Holland)
I love the great diversity of the songs, it's a great collection of Dave's musical jewels! The ‘Girl in the Jaguar’ is so superb! I can't sit still when I listen to it, I have to drum with it!! And ‘Samson & Delilah’!! Great guitar playing... the "smoked" voice! So funny!! And of course the ‘Shanty Town Blues’.... and ‘Normal Day’... Beautifull!! Dave still gets the high ones man!! Impressive !!!

Be assured that no drummers were harmed during the production of this record.

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